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Sungai-Golok Noodles Factory Ltd., Part. has established in 1980 with initial registered capital of 10 million baht which only produced instant noodles under “Haji” brand. And then in 1989 registered capital to 33 million baht and raised the kind of products by manufacturing instant noodles under “Zow-Zow”, seasoning crispy noodles under “Jiggo” brand. In 2007, we launched instant chicken soup powder and instant tom-yum powder under “Bargus” brand.


To cope with the rising demand and the growth of the company, the status of our organization was upgraded into company limited in 2010 and the name was changed to “Sugnai-Golok Noodles Factory Co., Ltd.”. Nowadays, our company has more than 230 employees and also many types of products, including instant noodles, instant rice vermicelli, rice cracker and so on.


As Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) standard, including with Halal certification standard are the measurement for producing the hygienic and high quality products which safe from harmful residue, Harom and Najis components for the health of our consumer’s requirements.

The company always has an endeavor to develop and improve the operation to increase the effectiveness of whole system, including the manufacturing, logistics, R&D, quality assurance and so on. These are the important factor that drive the company to be successful in nowadays.