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Our hornour

-In 2011 : Operating in accordance with environmental governance, certified by the Ministry of Industry.
-In 2012 : Outstanding hiring disabilities workers, certificated by the Ministry of Social Development and Human Security
-In 2013 : Sponsors for the Peace Project for the Southern Border Provinces of the Son-Santisuk no. 954
-To be selected by the Ministry of Industry as the development of industrial competitiveness, 1 Province 1 Agro-Industrial Product.

Quality and Safety

-In 1996 : Signing agreement of nutrients (iron, iodine and vitamin A) added into the instant noodles.
-In 2006 : Shield has been honored as the success in reducing injuries from workby the Narathiwat governor.
-In 2010 : Awarded for outstanding workplace safety, health and environment at the provincial level by the Ministry of Labour.
-In 2012 : As a part of the Greenhouse Gas Management OrganizationProject (Public Organization) ; the Greenhouse Gases Management in the production process.
-Certified by …